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TRASH AMNESTY--No-tag collection week is July 6-10.   No-tag ("trash amnesty") weeks happen twice a year and on special occasions. During those weeks, residents can put out up to 12 bags curbside without any additional tags if each bag weighs less than 40 pounds. Regular trash rules apply. No hazardous waste, bulky items or leaf and brush will be collected.


We seem to have an over abundance of cars parked illegally in yards throughout the neighborhood and it is beginning to look like a used car lot!  Therefore, we will notify the owner and/or property manager once, so that the problem can be addressed.  Then after that, the City will be notified as a code violation. 

            Sec. 48-27. - Wrecked, damaged, demolished, disabled, disassembled or currently unlicensed vehicles.

The following are declared to constitute a nuisance:

  1.  Any wrecked, damaged, demolished, disassembled or disabled vehicle left or permitted to remain upon any portion of the premises other than within a private garage, as that term is defined in section 80-20 except when a license for salvaging vehicles has been issued for the property where the vehicles are located and the salvage vehicles are being stored properly pursuant to other applicable provisions of the Code of Ordinances of Kansas City, Missouri.

  2. Any motor vehicle without a state license plate that is current, and that is parked, stored or otherwise located on any premises within a residentially zoned district or lots otherwise used for residential purposes, other than within a private garage, as that term is defined in section 80-20, unless the vehicle is not required to have current state license plates under state law. Any motor vehicle with a state license plate that has been expired less than one month shall be excepted from this subsection.

(Ord. No. 971346, § 1, 10-2-97)

            Sec. 48-28. - Off-street parking of vehicles.

The off-street parking of vehicles other than on a driveway or parking space in compliance with section 56-112, is hereby declared to constitute a nuisance.

(Ord. No. 971346, § 1, 10-2-97; Ord. No. 190718 , § 1, 9-26-19


REMEMBER Just because the neighbors do it, it is considered a nuisance code violation and can mean a trip to Housing Court and a fine.

July 9, 2020

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